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About OneMed

All across Europe, healthcare systems are facing major challenges. The number of people needing care is on the rise as people are living longer. Many of these people are living with chronic diseases. Budget cuts and staff shortages are becoming the norm. And, in parallel, patients’ expectations of their healthcare providers are ever increasing.

As a partner that provides optimization services and medical supplies, we have a responsibility to play our part in solving these challenges – both for existing patients and for future generations. OneMed enables our customers to provide the right care more quickly by providing the right products and the right expertise to be able to utilize them. We measure our success by how well our healthcare customers reach their goals and visions:

Quality - Improve patient outcome
CRS & Environment - Social responsibility and environmental improvement
Cost - Lower the total cost of care

Our vision

OneMed takes responsibility throughout the value chain. By ensuring that our products are manufactured under good conditions, by our transport leaving as small an environmental footprint as possible and by a quality approach based on working methods and processes, environmental impact and social responsibility.

Our view of environmental work is the same as the one we have when working with improvement initiatives around total cost and quality of care - real actions with measurable results are valued more than big words and empty promises. We work with many tools to achieve this - for example, we increase the number of trucks that run on RME100 (rapeseed fuel), we can compensate for climate as part of agreements and we actively drive development forward by, together with our customers, placing higher demands on our suppliers.

We take responsibility in a similar way when it comes to social issues and justice production conditions. Our industry is not a leader in CSR and the processes take time. But for us, it is important to continue setting demands and not abandon the ambition to improve people's everyday lives.

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