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System requirements for

Version 1.2 Malmö 2022-10-18

OneMed offer as a service to persons that have a prescriptions from one of OneMeds customers. The only thing that is required to be able to use is a somewhat updated browser and bank-id access available. Any additional installation or updates are not required. A more detailed specification of the system requirements:


Operating systems

We have tested in browsers that run under the operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 and up
  • Android version 9.0 and up
  • Apple iOS 13 and up



We have tested in the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox should also work well with other browsers, such as Apple Safari and Samsung Internet.


Broadband connection

To be able to use, the computer must be connected to the Internet via broadband. The connection speed should be at least 2Mbit / s.


Firewall settings

The browser must be able to request pages from * via both http and https through the standard ports 80 and 443.


Security settings

The browser must be set to allow cookies. JavaScript must be enabled.


Please contact us!

If you have questions or comments about, you are most welcome to contact our customer service.